Books by Cyrus V Das

  1. Some International Law Problems Regarding the Straits of Malacca (Co-Author) Institute of South East Asian Studies, Singapore
    April 1973
  1. Governments & Crisis Powers: A Study of the Use of Emergency Powers in Malaysia and The Commonwealth
    (1996), CLJ Publication, K.L.
  1. Justice Through Law (Editor): Fifty Years of the Malaysian Bar
    (1997), K.L.
  1. Judges and Judicial Accountability (Editor) April 2003
    Commonwealth Lawyers’ Association (London) Publication

Reference to Book on “Governments & Crisis Powers” In the following cases:-

  1. Abdul Ghani bin Ali @ Ahmad & Ors   v   Public Prosecutor
     [2001] 3 MLJ 561        
  1. Republic of Fiji   v   Prasad
    [2001] 2 LRC 743